Aimee Joseph led a session during TGCW21 titled “What’s Next? Discerning God’s Will.” This is also the topic of her book, Demystifying Decision-Making: A Practical Guide (TGC/Crossway, 2022).

In a sense, she says, life is a huge series of compounding choices. At any given time, we are all in one of three places: on the verge of making a choice, in the midst of a choice, or having just made a choice. Right choices, from the simple and nearly meaningless to the complex and deeply significant, are all around us.

Aimee addresses decision-making from a biblical view using a five-part structure:
—The problem of decisions
—A paradigm for decisions
—The process preparation for decisions
—A posture for decisions
—Praise Him who made us in his image as decision makers