In this episode, Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry discuss gospel culture, renewal, revival, and awakening:

  • Introduction—favorite piece of music
  • Nothing less than another Great Awakening (2:00)
  • Regular ministry of the gospel with unusual amounts of fruit (2:57)
  • The kingdom is at hand (4:29)
  • Modeling repentance (6:54)
  • Repentance is personal (12:04)
  • When repentance is the norm (14:10)
  • Jesus Movement (19:02)
  • Fullness of the power of God (22:33)
  • Your church is fully equipped for the next Great Awakening (25:51)
  • Because we do not ask… (27:10)
  • Recommended resource: Help! I’m Married to My Pastor by Jani Ortlund (30:42)

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